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Company Profile

    As a professional manufacturer of solar power products, Seasun is focus on solar panels, solar power inverter, solar charging controller, solar lighting & complete set of solar power system development and manufacturing. Our company are ISO 9001:2008 certified and our products are CE, TUV, VDE, JET certified. Our yearly global sales amount more than 20 million US dollars. Seasun’s products are widely used in electric power fields such as infrastructure, military, commercial & residential. Bring positive economical, environmental and social changes to human beings. In the process of active cooperation with our global partners, Seasun promotes sustainable development, makes active green energy solutions. Seasun helps the customers to reduce their energy consumptions and CO2 emissions to create best economical and social values and environmental benefits.

    Seasun has deeply recognized the significance of green energy in future, so we devote ourselves to develop the easy-use products and clean energy solutions. Seasun hopes to promote energy saving and environmental protection of the whole society through its own energy conservation and emission reduction.

    Seasun makes continuous innovations in compliant with the needs of customers and cooperates with partners. And also, we shall make continuous exploration, progress and innovation to develop the easy-use clean energy kits to power up the rural and remote areas in the world.