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  • Product Name: 3.6KW off-grid solar panel ground array

The home site is situated on a number of acres and is located in a canyon on the north facing slope with pines and oak trees in the steepest areas. Not all of the property had full sun throughout the year, but the array location had good afternoon exposure. For the power requirements needed, the home had an inadequate roof area for the proposed array. Thus, a ground mount system was chosen. Considering the aesthetics of the property, the array was placed in remote area, 300 feet from the home. By using a high voltage system (350 volts) there was no loss of power from the array to the home. The balance of the system (inverter, AC/DC disconnects) were placed near the pool pumps and is completely out of view from the front and sides of the home. Although the array could not be oriented directly south due to the slope of the terrain and shading from some nearby trees, a southwesterly orientation was used. The utility company servicing this home has a program called “Time Of Use” (TOU) metering. Because of the way this metering works, the orientation of the array will actually yield a higher annual utility credit.