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Seasun Won High Praise on SPI

Company News
2018/10/15 19:57

On Sep 13, the largest solar trade show in North America--SPI (Solar Power International) came to a successful conclusion. More than 18,000 solar energy industry professionals from 80+ countries and more than 650 leading manufacturers, service providers and vendors attended the exhibition.



Seasun,as an authoritative and reputable manufacturer of green energy system solution, attends this exhibition carrying the newest PV charge controller, PV inverter, MPS and SPS series products and solutions. Moreover, we share Seasun’s advanced technology application and innovative products and show the artisan spirit of wisdom in China. 



In the booth, the SEASUN  exhibits are concerned and consulted by many customers. The exhibits showed on this exhibition include MPPT solar charge controller CM60(24/48), pure sine wave inverter FT-3KW & FT-5KW, moveable solar power source MPS2K and all-in-one solar power solution SPS5K. The innovative products and professional solutions attract many purchasers and professional customers to communicate and negotiate with us and many customers sign the procurement agreement at the exhibition site.


Seasun has focused on solar industry for more than 11 years. With its unceasing technology and product innovations, Seasun has realized its product development and upgrading from single PV panel products to power system solutions. At present, Seasun is a leading supplier and service provider of PV and system solutions in energy storage field. Its products and projects could be found in 100+ countries.


In recent years, Seasun, following the Road and Belt initiative, actively expands overseas markets and constructs and arranges the overseas supply chain for rapid realizing the large-scale operation in the overseas markets. Wewill not stop our perusing footsteps of unceasing technology and product innovations and will create more value-added to customers.